A Better Home and Garden

3rd and 4th grade

Offered on Mondays and Tuesdays in September/October AND April/May

Designed as a two-part visit: 2 Hours (Fall AND Spring)


In the FALL, students will learn how the Davis family lived when they first moved to this area in the 1840’s to establish a farm. They will:

  • Learn about food preparation and preservation, food pathways, and try making their own butter
  • Participate in hands-on activities in the laundry, using wash tubs and boards
  • Hear about the design/function of the stable, then visit with a horse and learn about their care
  • Follow a monarch butterfly from egg to flight
  • Explore the world of seeds
  • Tour the garden and learn how plants grow 

In the SPRING, students will discover how life changed when the Davis family moved from their farm house into the mansion in 1872. They will:

  • Use historical documents to complete a consumer items scavenger hunt, and try to determine which artifacts are from the 1870’s and belong in the house, and which ones don’t
  • Experiment with some fun kitchen tools of the time and learn what they do
  • Experience vermicomposting (fertilizing with worms)
  • Tour the garden and measure a garden bed to determine its area
  • Discover the language of flowers by making a Tussie Mussie (flower bouquet)